Shaking up the Holidays

Mar 3, 2015

Have you ever thought let’s bag traditional December holiday gifts?

It started with me this year when my husband insisted we start sending Christmas cards again.  I had taken a two year hiatus, as the December holidays are my busiest time of year.  I kept telling him that I just couldn’t get it together, and he said that he would be happy to do it.  Then our children got in on it and who can say no to that?

 After Christmas came and went, the cards still had not been ordered.  Everyone was mad at me – my husband, who surprisingly had not done it himself yet, my kids who had the perfect picture, my mom who has been waiting for a card from us for 3 years.  It was time – I decided to do New Years cards.  What a great decision – no deadline, cards on discount, kids happy, Mom happy, husband happy.  Win win win.

It got me thinking.  Why do we just send cards or gifts in December?  I have a few friends who send a Happy Thanksgiving card and I remember those people.  I look forward to those first cards every year.  In fact one of my customers – Belle Properties – gave these fabulous boxes for client gifts this Thanksgiving.

Belle Properties Thanksgiving Gift

But, what if you received something for St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July or Halloween?  Or better yet, a holiday more obscure like Groundhog Day, April Fools Day, or Veterans’ Day.  I had fun looking up holidays for this.  Check out this list of holidays.

Think how fun it would be to receive a gift from your friend or neighbor on Earth Day (April 22).  It would be a total surprise and a fun little unexpected treat in the middle of a low key time of year.

Or if you are in the corporate world, how memorable and impactful would a gift be for Memorial Day (May 25) or Columbus Day (October 12)?  They definitely would not be lost in the holiday shuffle with everyone else’s presents.

So I invite you, whether you are looking for something to give your friends and family or your top corporate clients, to consider changing it up and give at a different time of year.

And as always, Helen’s Kitchen makes fabulous presents!

Also, check out our sister company, Carolina Box Company, for a more diverse collection of beautiful gourmet gifts.