It’s Boiling Out There!

Jul 13, 2016

We live on a party street!  Everyone that lives on it for the most part loves to hang out and entertain, which makes for some very fun days, nights and weekends. 

We’ve had a gourmet hot dog party, progressive holiday parties, dog competition parties, charity fun runs, annual deck the balls parties (our street decorates with these fabulous balls of lights every year), college days parties, birthday parties, Halloween parades, and sadly, going away parties.

This summer one of the families on our street decided to move. Not nearby!  No one would move off our street locally – our street is way too fun!  But, they moved to California, so it was kind of a no brainer.  Anyway…. we decided to have a Progressive Going Away Party. The first house hosted a California Pool Party with appetizers and drinks.  The next house was keeping it Carolina with a Low Country Boil – I helped to host this one.  And the last was keeping in the spirit of our great street with a late night party with games, dessert and champagne toasts.  It was a great night of fun, friends and food!

I have to admit this was the first time I had ever hosted a Low Country Boil.  And it really went off without a hitch.  My sweet neighbor, Laura, provided the house, the cooking equipment, tables, drinks and some delish appetizers.  I went to the local farmers market and picked up corn, onions, potatoes and ordered some amazing shrimp caught off the coast of Charleston.  You gotta get the good stuff for a Low Country Boil!  We also added Kielbasa, which was a big hit.

Seasoning the water is key to a good Low Country Boil.  Once that water is nice and seasoned with Old Bay, Zatarain’s Seafood Boil and plenty of salt, pepper, onion and lemon, you are good to go.  Just add the potatoes and cook until almost ready.  Then add the shrimp and corn.  I like my corn on the fresh and crunchy side, so I only cook it for a couple of minutes.  We served it with rolls, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and green onions on newspaper covered tables.  That way clean up is a breeze.

About 50 people were at the party, so we got 10 lbs of shrimp, 7 lbs of Kielbasa and a bunch of corn and potatoes.  It is a great way to entertain a crowd or just a few people.  Ina Garten, my fav, has a great recipe for a smaller party here.

This 4th of July I was in the North Carolina mountains with my family and we went to a huge Low Country Boil for about 200 people.  They served everyone in plastic sand buckets and it was adorable.  This has definitely been a boiling hot summer!