Potato Truffle Flatbread

Feb 21, 2013

Reid’s Fine Foods is one of my favorite places in Charlotte.  In full disclosure they do sell my cookies.  But, honestly, Reid’s is one specialty food and wine store that you must hit.  Whether you live in Myers Park and can walk there, or you are in visiting from out of town, you should put it on your list of places to visit.

Now, there are lots of reasons why it is special, like the cookies, the butcher shop, the wine shop, all the local fare.  But, my most recent craving is the Truffled Potato Flatbread with Arugula.  Pop up any evening for a glass of wine and enjoy this delicious treat.  Topped with the thinnest of sliced potatoes encrusted with truffle oil and gruyere cheese, this flatbread hasn’t even started.  The star of show is the candied tomato.  I know you are like – “what?  Never heard of it”.  That is how I was too!  But, trust me.  This is legendary.  Finished off with the fresh, spiciness of arugula, this is one treat you just can’t miss.

So the next time you need a fabulous bite, head up to Reid’s and try this flatbread with one of their many delicious wines.  And, pick up a package of Helen’s Kitchen Cookies while you are at it!