Who is Helen ?

Helen Burns, a resident of Charlotte, NC and native of Tennessee started Helen’s Kitchen in 2008. She is an avid cook and is inspired by seasonal ingredients, friends around the table and travels both internationally and domestically.

For many years Helen dreamed of starting a business in the culinary world. Starting out in her galley kitchen ten years ago, it soon became apparent that the demand was more than Helen’s little kitchen could handle. Helen’s Kitchen is now a professional culinary business that maintains the small kitchen quality with the capacity to provide large numbers of cookies and other gourmet items for retailers, events and individuals.

Over the years Helen has perfected one of America’s favorite desserts – the chocolate chip cookie. And, although cookies are what have made Helen’s Kitchen a household name, we are always in the process of creating new and delicious foods. We encourage you to visit our retail partners – you will be glad you did!

Helen's Kitchen was started in 2008 by Helen Burns, a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and native of Tennessee. Helen is an avid cook and her travels have introduced her to a variety of unique cuisines and continue to inspire new creations.


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